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Useful Sites for T-Shirt Printing Ideas

T-shirts are an essential piece of clothing that can be worn for any occasion. They are comfortable, stylish, and come in a variety of colours and sizes. T-shirts are also a great canvas for self-expression. You can express your personality or promote your brand by designing your own t-shirt.

However, designing your own t-shirt is not as simple as it sounds. You must consider things such as artwork quality and where to print your artwork on a t-shirt. If you’re not careful, you may end up with a design that looks amateurish or is poorly printed.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your t-shirt turns out looking great. First, make sure to use high-quality artwork. Secondly, choose a reputable t-shirt printing company that specialises in t-shirt printing. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to creating a custom t-shirt that you can be proud of.

Things to Consider

Anyone can go online and order a custom t-shirt with no creative input whatsoever. But where’s the fun in that? The best custom t-shirts are the ones that reflect the personality and style of the person wearing them. And the only way to achieve that is to put some time and effort into the design.

Coming up with creative ideas is the first step, but it’s also important to think about things like colour, typography, and overall aesthetic. With a little bit of planning, anyone can create a custom t-shirt that’s truly one of a kind. So get creative and let your personality shine through in your designs!

T Shirt Designs

  • own design

Making your own custom t-shirt design can be easy and fun, whether you’re creating a design for yourself or for a group event. There are plenty of online tools that can help you create simple or complex designs, and you can find endless t-shirt design ideas in this list. If you want to make your own t-shirt design, start by finding a template or tool that you’re comfortable using.

Canva is a popular option that offers both free and paid templates, and you can also find many other t-shirt design tools by doing a quick search online. Once you’ve found a template or tool that you like, experiment with different designs until you come up with something that you’re happy with. Remember that there’s no wrong way to design your own t-shirts, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

  • pre made designs

Nowadays, it’s easy to find graphic tees designed by professional designers online. You can simply order the design you like and have it printed on a t-shirt. This is a great way to get a custom t-shirt without having to do any of the design work yourself. So, if you’re looking for a custom t-shirt, be sure to check out the options available from online designers.

  • printed images or photos

Images and photos are a great way to personalise your custom t-shirt. With direct to garment printing, you can print any image or photo onto your shirt using a special printer. This printing method also allows small businesses to print their artwork in a quick and easy manner. You can choose to print an image on the front, side or back of your shirt. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your outfit or promote your business, custom t-shirts with images are a great way to do it. Plus, they’re sure to be a hit at your next event or party.

T Shirt Specific Niche

When you’re trying to sell t-shirt online, it’s important to pick a specific niche. This will help you target a specific audience and print t shirts that they’re actually interested in wearing. For example, if you print t-shirts that are targeted towards people who like anime, then you’ll be able to capture that market who is willing to spend money on what they like.

Of course, it’s also important to make sure that your t-shirt designs are appealing and that your prices are competitive. But if you focus on print t-shirts that are aimed at a specific group of people with their niche hobbies, you’ll be much more likely to succeed than if you try to appeal to everyone since the market will be too broad.

Printing Methods and Quality T Shirts

If you’re looking for a custom t-shirt with a quality print, you’ll need to choose the right printing method. There are a few different methods of printing t-shirts, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

If you want a high-quality print with a custom ink, you’ll need to choose a printing method that can accommodate that because the printing method you choose will determine the quality of the final product.

Check out our list of printing methods as a guide for your project.

Type of Products

Art is often personal and deeply meaningful, so why not make it wearable? With modern printing technology, you can now design your own artwork and have it printed on a variety of items, from tote bags to polo shirts to backpacks. All you need is a pen and some creative flair. The possibilities are endless!

You can print tote bags with your favourite painting, or design a hat with a message that is dear to you. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or simply share your love of art with the world, custom-printed clothing and accessories are the perfect way to do it. Check out the list of products that you can print your artwork on.

Brand Kit

Launching an online clothing shop is a great way to reach a larger audience for your brand. However, before you start setting up your website and promoting your products, there’s one important step you need to take: creating a brand kit. This should include everything from your logo and message to your business values.

Having a clear and consistent brand identity will help you stand out from the competition and build trust with your customers. You can also print various PR packages for you to get your brand out there! Embroidery printing is a great way to attach your logo to various types of products such as shirts, towels, hats, etc.

Now that you’ve read our tips on designing your own artwork, don’t forget to start your journey now! Feel free to contact our team for shirt printing advice.




How to Design Your T-Shirts

If you’re thinking about designing your own custom t-shirt, it’s important to know a few things before you get started. The end result of your shirt will depend largely on the design process, so it’s important to take your time and plan out your design carefully.

There are a few things to look for when you’re designing your shirt, including the printing method, the colour of the shirt, and the size of the design. Keep on reading for more tips and tricks for designing a custom t-shirt that’s perfect for you.

Define the Purpose of Your T Shirt Design

When you set out to design the perfect custom t-shirt, the first step is to define the purpose of the shirt. Are you looking to promote your business? Raise awareness for a cause? or simply show off your personal style? The answer to this question will determine how many t-shirts you need, what kind of design you should create, and what type of printing method you should print them.

For example, if you’re looking to promote your business, you’ll want to order a large quantity of shirts and choose a design that prominently features your company logo. On the other hand, if you’re simply looking to express your personal style, you may only need a few shirts and can get creative with the design.

  • Personal use

    When you design a custom shirt for your personal use, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Firstly, consider what kind of shirt you want. Are you looking for a casual tee to wear around the house, or something a little nicer that you can wear out and about?

    Once you’ve decided on the type of shirt, you’ll need to choose a design. You can either create your own t-shirt design or consult and find inspirations from many artists or print-on-demand artwork there are. If you’re creating your own shirt design, make sure it’s something that you’re happy with – after all, you’ll be the one wearing it! Finally, think about quantity. If you only need one or two shirts, you’ll need to find the right type of printing method in your t shirt printing shop.

  • work or event

    Coming up with the perfect t-shirt design can be tough – you want something that’s stylish, but also reflects the personality of your brand. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re designing your own t-shirts for your work or event.

    First, think about how the shirt will be used. Are you creating a uniform for your employees? Or are you looking for something to hand out at a trade show or company event? Once you have a use in mind, you can start to narrow down your design choices. Next, consider your audience. What kind of people will be wearing the shirt? What message do you want to send with the design? Keep these factors in mind as you’re brainstorming ideas and refining your concept.

    Finally, don’t forget that t-shirts can be powerful marketing tools. Make sure your contact information is prominently featured on the shirt so that anyone who sees it will know how to get in touch with you. With these things in mind, you’re well on your way to creating the perfect custom t-shirt design.

  • Fashion business

    When you’re designing a custom shirt for your fashion business or online store, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to make sure the design is interesting and eye-catching. It should also be reflective of the overall style of your brand.

    Second, you need to consider the quality of the shirt. It should be made from high-quality materials that will last. Third, you need to think about how many shirts you’ll need to stock. You don’t want to run out of inventory, but you also don’t want too much stock sitting around.

    Finally, you need to think about who your target customer is. This will help you determine the right size, fit, and style of shirt. Keep these things in mind when designing a custom shirt for your business and you’ll be sure to create a shirt that your customers will love.

Choosing the T Shirt Printing Method

When it comes to custom t-shirts, the printing method you choose will have a big impact on the overall design and look of the shirt. For example, the screen printing method is a popular cost-effective choice for t-shirt design but it can be limiting in terms of the number of colours you can use.

It’s important to keep in mind that different printing methods also work better with certain fabrics and colours. For instance, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing takes an additional process when printing on lighter colored shirts.

Heat transfer printing method is also a popular choice because it typically works with many different fabrics and colours while only taking a simple process to get the end results. Ultimately, you can always consult with our team to find out the best way to decide which printing method is right for your project. We can help guide you through the design process and offer our expertise on the different print methods available in Imprint.

Design Your Own T Shirt

When it comes to t-shirt designs, the sky’s the limit. There are endless possibilities for how you can express yourself through your clothing. Whether you want to make a statement with a bold graphic design or simply showcase your unique sense of style, a custom t-shirt is the perfect way to do it. Of course, designing your own t-shirt is not always easy. But with a little creativity and some helpful tips, you can create a shirt that is truly one-of-a-kind.

  • design ideas

    For the design, you can choose artwork, text, or a logo. If you choose artwork or a logo, make sure it is high quality so it will look good on the shirt. For text, you can either use a saying or quote that is meaningful to you, or simply your name or initials while thinking about the font and the size of the text.

  • colour and style

    The colour of the shirt can also be important – lighter colours may show stains more easily, while darker colours can be more forgiving. Finally, consider the type of clothing you want to use – a hoodie or sweater may be more comfortable to wear, but a t-shirt is more versatile and can be dressed up or down. Keep these things in mind when designing your custom t-shirt, and you’ll end up with a shirt that you love to wear.

Things to Keep In Mind While You Design:

  1. quality of design

    When you’re designing your own custom t-shirt, it’s important to keep the quality of your design in mind. This is because the quality of your design will show in the printing process. If you have a low resolution design, it will appear pixelated and blurry when it’s printed. Conversely, if you have a high resolution design, it will be crisp and clear.

  2. colour and position of image

    One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your t-shirt is the colour scheme. You want to choose colours that compliment each other and that will make your design pop. Also, think about the placement of your design.

    Where will it look best on the shirt? Once you have an idea of the overall look you are going for, it’s time to start working on the actual design. If you’re not confident in your drawing skills, there are plenty of online resources that can help you create a professional-looking design.

  3. t-shirt mockup

    When you’re designing a custom t-shirt, it’s important to keep the overall look in mind. The mock up t-shirt can help you with that. It shows you how the design will look on the shirt and how it will fit. You can also use the mock up to see how the colours will look together and make sure they’re what you want. Keep in mind that the mock up is just a guide; it’s not the exact shirt you’ll be getting. But it’s a good way to get an idea of what your design will look like before you order it.


Types of t-shirt printing

There are four types of t-shirt printing methods for t-shirt printing in Singapore: screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, dye sublimation, and heat transfer. Screen printing is the most common type of t-shirt and is typically used for bulk orders. DTG printing is a newer technology that allows for full-colour prints on light or dark garments. Sublimation is generally used for prints with many colours or all-over printed shirts. Heat transfer is a popular method for small orders or creating custom designs. All these methods have advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your needs is essential. Thus, these methods are the most popular in the t-shirt printing business. These can be found in shirt printing in Singapore.

  1. Screen printing

Screen printing is the most common type of t-shirt printing. It’s a versatile printing method that can be used on light or dark garments and can accommodate a wide variety of design styles. Screen printing is typically used for bulk orders due to the relatively high setup cost.

How does it work?

You must first have a stencil (or template) of some sort that you want to utilize. You also require a mesh that can hold your stencil.

Typically, nylon or another synthetic material is used to create the mesh. The mesh must undergo a pre-process before printing can begin. Getting a clear, identical-to-the-design region in the mesh is the objective here.

The mesh must then be coated completely with ink before being pressed with a squeegee to ensure even coverage. This procedure makes sure that your design is accurately reproduced on the t-shirt. If there is any extra ink, don’t panic; you can wipe it off.


Ensures high quality.

Very durable.

Excellent for big amounts.

If a single design is employed, quick results.


Too complex for relatively small amounts.

Not recommended for intricate patterns.

Not suitable for manual use.

Can be more expensive.

  1. Direct to garment (DTG)

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is a newer technology that allows for full-colour prints on light or dark garments. DTG printers use inkjet printers to print your design directly onto the garment. This printing method is excellent for short runs and for complex designs that would be difficult to print with other methods.

How does it work?

It functions very much like how paper printers do. You enter the paper, and the printer prints the finished product after printing the ink on it. The same holds with shirts.

You will need a DTG printer and ink to utilize this technique. If you only need to print a few shirts at home, this printer might get pricey.

Additionally, be careful to get a high-quality printer since inferior ones may result in prints with poor design resolution.


This printing technique is useful for creating intricate and fashionable graphics on t-shirts. The t-shirt has a silky feel once the design has been imprinted on it. That’s not even like hand-painted t-shirts, particularly those done in acrylic.

Additionally, the DTG process is skilled in adding the ideal number of layers to the fabric. Because of the ink’s relatively low viscosity, more layers won’t cause it to stain the cloth.


Using the DTG process to print on dark-coloured clothing will be difficult. Because of the thinness of the ink, the design does not sufficiently shine out on the black cloth. Additionally, DTG-printed garments are ideal for transient wear.

An affordable cotton t-shirt with a DTG pattern typically has a one-year lifespan. After then, the print usually vanishes.

  1. Dye sublimation

Dye sublimation is typically used for prints with a lot of colours or all-over printed shirts. Sublimation is a printing method that uses heat to transfer your design onto the garment. Sublimation is excellent for prints with a lot of detail, but it can be difficult to achieve a consistent print quality.

How does it work?

You will first require a certain liquid dye kind. Applying the dye on the transfer paper first is recommended. You can sublimate material using heat and pressure once it has thoroughly dried.

Because you’re dying the cloth directly rather than merely printing on top of it, this is distinct from screen printing. Because of this, you can see the colours and the pattern exceptionally clearly, but you cannot feel them with your hands.


Suitable for huge designs.

Adaptable to countless hues and designs.

Has a long lifespan.


Only effective with light textiles.

If only used in tiny amounts, it can be expensive.

It doesn’t completely hide all t-shirt features like the armpits or side seams.

  1. Heat transfer

Heat transfer is a popular method for small orders or for creating custom designs. Heat transfer is a printing method that uses heat to transfer your design onto the garment. Heat transfer is great for small orders and complex designs, but achieving consistent print quality cannot be easy.

How does work?

You will create or select your customized t-shirt design on your computer. On your specific heat press paper made for use with the printer, print this image using an inkjet or laser printer. Apply heat with a hot iron when the transfer paper faces the t-shirt design. The quantity of heat and pressure used will aid in the design’s transfer to your t-shirt.


Compared to direct-to-garment printing, production times are much lower.

Low rejection rates.

Only transfers can create specific effects and textures.

Complex patterns may be printed straight onto the paper more quickly than on cloth.

Almost any cloth may be used for a transfer.

Setup expenses are pretty small.


Dark fabrics don’t take it well.

Not suitable for use on clothes that are heat-sensitive.

Printing takes longer.


Occasions for custom t-shirts

Are you looking for occasions to wear custom t-shirts? If so, you’re in luck! Custom t-shirts are perfect for various occasions, from winter sporting events to special occasions like bachelorette parties and family reunions.

T-shirts are popular among people since they are cosy to wear. T-shirt printing has improved and progressed over the last 20 to 30 years. On a t-shirt, almost anything may be printed. T-shirts are perfect for personalizing for parties since they are so simple to print almost anything on and because they are so comfy and casual.

Not only are they a lot of fun to design and wear, but custom t-shirt printing is also a great way to support a cause or charity event. And if you’re a graphic designer, they provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents.

So what are some of the best occasions for custom t-shirts? Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are a genuine communal experience, whether it’s going to be a laid-back weekend, a crazy night, or a little bit of everything. The ideal way to showcase your squad and make sure everyone notices how much fun you’re having together is to get printed t-shirts or tanks.

  1. Class Graduation

Custom T-shirts can also be utilized at a class reunion to bring together members of the same graduating class. People might sport their previous high school moniker or the position they played in a team sport.

  1. Corporate events

Who said corporate custom t-shirts were monotonous? They may be made into the ideal eye-catchers. This business attire doesn’t have to be uninteresting. Hire a graphic designer to assist you. They will embellish your t-shirts with various colours and graphic design components. When you host your next company event, this will help each of your departments stand out.

  1. Family Reunion

In the modern world, keeping in touch with the people you care about online is simpler than ever. On the other hand, it seems more difficult than ever to enjoy meaningful time with people because of the fast pace of life. Family gatherings are still a special occasion because of this. It can be heartwarming to be commemorated with items like incredibly amusing t-shirts when you get to slow down and appreciate being with loved ones.

  1. Birthday celebrations

Birthdays are noteworthy occasions. Kids, young adults, and older people all find it exciting. It is essential to commemorate ageing in a flawless manner that will leave behind priceless memories. The greatest approach to make it stand out is to personalize it a little bit. With personalized t-shirts, you can invite everyone to the party. There are no restrictions on what type of design, slogan, quotation, or images may be used. Any design you want may be immediately customized using a t-shirt design tool. Show off your creative side by throwing a personalized tee-themed party, whether it’s for your parents, grandparents, best friends, or kids’ birthday!

  1. Charities and fundraising events

Custom t-shirt sales at charity events are always a hit. To advertise, there are several forms of fundraisers. T-shirts may be used to advertise whatever you desire. Custom t-shirts may promote events like bake sales, walkathons, charity golf tournaments, raffles, and casino nights, to mention a few.

Both the organizers and attendees of the event may wear them. They can also be given out as rewards. There are several applications for personalized t-shirts when you consider a charity golf outing. It is necessary to identify the organizers. This may be accomplished by wearing a personalized t-shirt bearing their title. The golfers require a fashionable golf shirt, of course. The audience itself also requires outfitting. At your fundraising event, t-shirts can also be used as giveaways.

  1. Travelling in a group

When travelling, using personalized t-shirts is a great way to bring your group together. If you travel in a group, you might receive a discount. Travel firms frequently plan group travel, and also provide personalized t-shirts for the group to wear at events. It is simpler to identify group members by their t-shirts whenever the group needs to congregate. It could also be a chance for the travel agent to advertise. T-shirts might serve as a reminder of a family vacation. The phrase “LA 2019” is all it takes to bring back all the wonderful memories of that specific trip for attendees. On cruises, custom t-shirts are fashionable. People are frequently curious about the group’s schedule when they notice it.

  1. Spring or winter events

It’s so much joy to follow a team and cheer for them throughout a season, regardless of the particular sport. Custom t-shirts are a fantastic way to display your allegiance. With this kind of shirt, you can be pretty creative and do things like switch up the patterns throughout the season.

Why have customized t-shirts?

You want to be able to appreciate every memorable occasion fully you’re a part of and then remember it long after it’s finished. Printing personalized t-shirts is a great option for what you may do to achieve both of those goals. Everyone participating will have more fun together if they all wear customized t-shirts, and everyone will have something to retain as a reminder of the event.

So whatever the occasion, custom t-shirts are a great way to show your personality and style. So get creative and start designing your own today from custom t-shirt Singapore!


Corporate T-Shirt Printing

Looking for a way to show your company pride? Why not order some custom corporate t-shirts? T-shirt printing is a great way to get your company name and logo out there, and it can be a lot of fun too! In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of t-shirt printing services, process of custom t-shirts for corporate gifts printing, as well as some of the benefits that come with it.


What are some of the benefits of corporate t-shirt printing?

There are many benefits that come with custom t-shirt printing for corporations. One benefit is that it is a great way to promote your business. T-shirts with your company name and logo can help to increase brand awareness. Another benefit is that it can be a great way to reward employees or customers for their loyalty. Just like printed class t-shirts, corporate t-shirt printing is also a great way to show team spirit and unity within your company. 


What are the different types of corporate t-shirt printing methods?

There are a few different methods that can be used when printing t-shirts for your business. The most common method is silk screen printing. This involves using a stencil to apply ink to the shirt. Screen printing is versatile and can be used on a variety of different fabrics.  It also allows for multiple colors to be used in one design.


Heat transfer or sublimation printing is another popular option and this uses heat to transfer an image onto the shirt. Embroidery services are also available and this involves stitching an image or design onto the shirt. Direct to garment printing is the newest type of t-shirt printing and it uses a special printer to print directly onto the fabric of the shirt.


One other type of print for corporate t-shirts is digital printing. This process uses a special printer to print your design directly onto the fabric of the shirt. Digital printing is great for small orders and complex designs. It also has a shorter turnaround time than screen printing. 


How do you choose the right type of fabric for your corporate t-shirt printing needs? 

The first step is to understand the different types of fabrics available. The most common types of fabrics used for t-shirts are cotton, polyester, and a blend of both. Cotton is a natural fiber that is soft and absorbent. It’s comfortable to wear in warm weather and breathes well. However, it can shrink when washed and is not as durable as synthetic fibers. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that doesn’t wrinkle or shrink like cotton. It’s also more stain-resistant and holds color better than cotton. However, it doesn’t breathe as well as cotton and can be uncomfortable to wear in warm weather. A blend of both cotton and polyester provides the best of both worlds. The shirt will be more wrinkle-resistant and durable than one made of 100% cotton, but will still breathe better than one made of 100% polyester.


The next step is to decide what weight you need. T-shirt fabric is measured in ounces per square yard. The higher the number, the heavier the fabric. A light t-shirt might be around five ounces, while a heavy t-shirt could be eight or nine ounces. If you’re not sure how much fabric you need, it’s always best to err on the side of too much rather than too little. It’s easier to cut away excess fabric than it is to try and piece together a shirt that’s too small.


Where are the best areas for logo placement and design for the printed corporate t-shirts?

The answer to that question is, it depends on the type of shirt you’re printing on. If you’re printing on a polo shirt, then the logo should be placed on the left chest. If you’re printing on a t-shirt, then the logo can be placed either on the left chest or on the back of the shirt. It really depends on your preference and what looks best for your design.


As far as design goes, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the colors you use compliment each other and don’t clash. Second, try to keep the design simple – too many elements will look cluttered and busy. And lastly, make sure that your company’s name and logo are prominently featured in the design. If you follow these guidelines, then you’re sure to end up with a shirt that looks great and represents your company well. 


How do you determine the correct size and fit for the custom printed t-shirts for all your employees? 

 Do you want everyone to look their best when representing your company? The first step is to get accurate measurements of each employee. Once you have those, you can order the shirts in bulk and have them shipped directly to your office. Make sure to allow for some shrinkage if you’re ordering 100% cotton shirts.


How can you decorate or personalize your company’s t-shirts when ordering them?

There are a few things to consider when you’re looking into corporate t-shirt printing. The first is what kind of design you want. You can either go with a more simple, text-based design or something that’s more complex and image-heavy. It really depends on your brand and what kind of message you want to get across. If you’re not sure what style of shirt to order, think about the image you want your employees to project. A polo shirt with your company logo embroidered on the chest is always a good choice. You can also go for a more casual look with t-shirts or even hoodies.


What is the process of ordering corporate t-shirts from a t-shirt printing company?

The process of custom corporate t-shirt printing begins with searching for good shirt printing services from reputable companies. Once you have found a suitable one, choose the design that you want printed on the shirts. After you have selected your design, you will need to choose the shirt fabric, style and color that you want. Next, the printing company will create a prototype of your shirt. Once you have approved the prototype and made payment, the shirts will be printed and then shipped to you.



In conclusion, corporate t-shirt printing is a great way to promote your brand. It is a cost effective way to get your message out there and it is a great way to build team morale. 


How Much Does a Heat Press Cost?

When you start a t-shirt printing business, purchasing a heat press machine is one major investment. This machine comes in different sizes and has different features, performances, and heat press styles. 

So, before you get the best heat press machine, consider the size of your operation. Then, you can rest assured that the purchased heat press machine meets your requirements. 

Image: T-shirt-Printing.png

You can get a big heat press machine for a comparatively smaller enterprise as there is a growth potential but not vice-versa. 

Also, if you are starting a t-shirt business from home, try choosing a smaller heat press machine so you can comfortably do the custom apparel printing work. 

A smaller heat press machine is generally available between $200 to $1000. But a professional heat press machine is expensive equipment. So, you would have to pay around $1000 to $3000. 

What is a Heat Press Machine?

Image: Heat-Press-Machine.png

A heat press machine uses heat to print designs on different objects. It’s a versatile machine that requires pressure from the heated upper plate onto the lower plate to get the desired print. 

Heat press machines will apply for a transfer under pressure at a higher temperature for a given time. Therefore, you can easily control the machine’s temperature, printing duration, and pressure. 

The upper plate of the machine mostly offers the correct amount of heat required to imprint design on garments. A balanced pressure from both plates results in even design printing. 

Image: Heat-Press-Machine.png

The heat press printing process is very convenient to follow, requiring specific printing and heat settings. Correct usage of heat press machines will help get reliable and professional applications that can last a lifetime. 

For this printing method, you need a heat transfer or vinyl transfer paper and specific ink. The heat press method is ideal for small batches of printing. Most small custom apparel business owners use this machine as it does not require huge space and is easy to set up. 

As heat press machines can print full-color designs, they have become popular in the textile industry. Also, the machine takes less than 3 minutes to beautifully print the design on garments, tote bags, and more.

Heat press machines can last somewhere between 10 to 20 years, but it needs constant care and maintenance. So, you must regularly do its dusting and lubrication. Plus, keep the upper plates clean, protect the lower plate, and test the temperature before using. 

Advantages of Heat Press Machines:

  • It’s an economical option for small custom apparel business owners.

  • The machine is simple to use. 

  • It’s an ideal option to start a t-shirt business or home production. 

  • Prints high-quality designs. 

Disadvantages of Heat Press Machines:

  • The machine doesn’t seem to work properly on darker fabrics. 

  • Compared to other t-shirt printing machines, it takes longer to print. 

  • It cannot be used on shirts that are sensitive to high heat. 

Other Methods for T-shirt Printing Business

#1 Screen Printing 

Image: Screen-Printing-Method.png

Screen printing is a popular t-shirt method that guarantees good design replication. Many professionals use it because it produces detailed designs, even on darker fabrics. 

You need a stencil (or template) design that you want to print on garments to use this method. Then you need a mesh, made of synthetic materials like nylon, to hold your stencil. 

Before you begin the printing, the mesh has to go through pre-processing, so it gets a clean area identical to the design. After that, spill ink all over the mesh. Then use a squeegee to press the ink, so the entire area is equally covered. 

Image: Screen-Printing-Method.png

This process helps you replicate the exact design on the t-shirt. If there is some extra ink, you can easily wipe it away. 

Screen-printed transfers give impressive results but aren’t suitable for all types of printing. However, this method helps produce many of the same designs as the stencil can be used multiple times. So, for mass production, you can rely on this method. 

While screen-printed transfers can be used to print multicolor designs, they might not be the best option for creating complex designs. 

Image: Screen-Printing-Method.png

Advantages of Screen Printed Transfers:

  • It guarantees high-quality printing. 

  • The method gives out durable printing. 

  • Third, it’s great for bulk printing. 

  • If you use a single design, this printing method can generate fast results. 

Disadvantages of Screen Printed Transfers:

  • It’s a complicated printing method for small quantities. 

  • Not an ideal choice for creating complex designs. 

  • It is costly. 

#2 Dye Sublimation 

Image: T-shirt-Printing.png

Dye sublimation is the right method to create big and complex designs. But this printing method can only be used on lighter fabrics like polyester. If you try to use this method on cotton fabric, the result might not be appealing. 

Dye sublimation offers high-quality printing, but you must know the process before using this method. You first need a special liquid dye and then apply it on transfer paper. 

After the transfer paper dries, use heat and pressure for sublimation. This method differs from screen printed transfers, requiring you to dye directly on the fabric. 

As a result, the design gets beautifully printed on the fabric, and you don’t feel it under your hand. 

If you want to print on lighter fabric or wish to create a unique multicolor design, dye sublimation is the right method. Use this method for your t-shirt business.

Advantages of Dye Sublimation:

  • This method is good for printing large designs through transfer paper.

  • It lets you create unlimited patterns and colors. 

  • It is durable. 

Disadvantages of Dye Sublimation:

  • It only works on lighter fabric. 

  • Also, if it is used for smaller quantities, it can be pricey. 

CAD- Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing 

It’s a heat transfer method commonly used to print logos, numbers, or names on sports t-shirts or jerseys. The process of using the heat transfer vinyl printing method is simple and easy to understand. 

You need a machine to cut out designs and letters on colored vinyl pieces to use this method. Then each vinyl piece is transferred to the t-shirt using a heat press. It’s an ideal method for printing 1-3 colors in smaller quantities. 

Advantages of CAD-Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing:

  • It’s a durable printing method. 

  • You can use this method to print anywhere on the t-shirt. 

  • It can be used on any type of fabric. 

Disadvantages of CAD-Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing:

  • It’s a time-consuming process.

  • Pantone colors can’t be matched with vinyl printing. 

  • It cannot be used for printing simple graphic text-based designs.

How Much Does Other Type of Heat Press Machine Cost?

Below are some more types of heat press machines that you can use on other materials. 

Mug Heat Press 

Image: Mug-Heat-Press-Printing.png

The mug press machine helps in beautifully transferring sublimation on cups. This machine also works on water bottles. It gives out a full-color image, which is sharp and vivid. The average price of a mug press is between $100 to $400. 

Mug printing has become on-demand, as one can print outstanding designs for any occasion. If you are into the custom apparel printing business, diversify your line of products with printed mugs. 

Hat Heat Press 

Next is the hat press that you can use to print unique designs on caps. You can consider getting a hat press machine in your operation for higher profits.

The cost of purchasing a hat heat press machine is pretty reasonable. You can get high-quality heat presses between $130 to $270. Over time, the hat heat press machine will offer you a better return on your investment.  

Plate Press 

You can also purchase a good heat press plate machine to add divert to your stock. It will allow you to offer your customers different plate designs for every occasion and season. This way, your brand can have a different identity. 

As the heat transfer on the plate is done through sublimation, you will get the best results. A plate press machine will cost you around $290 and offer a great return on your investment. 


Buying a heat press for custom apparel printing is a huge decision. But if you prioritize your requirements, you can confidently pick the right machine. Also, you must consider the size of your operation. 

Smaller heat press machines are ideal for home-based businesses. But if you have a larger t-shirt printing business, choose a bigger machine to fulfill the demand. You can get the best heat press machine for your t-shirt business. 


Why Should Companies Get Their Own Uniforms?

Uniforms are a part of the brand’s identity. It sets a standard for the customer of what they should expect from the company and creates a professional feel.  

With the right uniform, you get a competitive advantage while supporting your company values, whether sporting, trustworthy, welcoming, or something else. In addition, uniform instills pride, oneness, and a sense of responsibility among employees. 

Research has found that:

  • 58% of people think uniforms improve the perception of a company’s products or services. 

  • 83% of people think uniforms make employees more recognizable. 

  • 70% of people think uniforms increase trustworthiness.

Keep reading to know why companies should get their uniforms. 

Reason 1: Brand Recognition and Professional Business Image

Image: Work-Uniform-Promote-Brand.png

Whatever industry you’re in, enhancing your company’s visibility and recognition is important for a business’s success. For example, one way to personalize uniforms is to embed corporate logos, which increases your company’s brand awareness. 

First Impressions:

Regardless of your industry, you need to make a strong first impression as it can either make or break your brand. You must set a unique image of your business for customers. 

This can be done when your employees wear uniforms. Work uniform delivers a strong message that your staff is confident and responsible. 

Customer Service:

You should get uniforms for your employees so they can easily be identified as one. No matter if they are onsite or in the field, your customers and clients can quickly identify them and interact with them for assistance. 

Brand Promotion:

With a work uniform, you get a chance to advertise your company in a better and much wider way. That’s because when your employees wear clothing uniforms, they promote your brand to every person they walk past. 

People can see your brand’s logo and name on the work uniform, increasing company exposure and brand awareness. 

Brand Recognition:

Our basic human nature makes us prefer and trust things that we recognize. Thus, when you run a company, it’s your responsibility to make your brand recognizable so that the customer trusts you. It can be done by being consistent. 

The key is to tell customers what they can expect from you and then deliver it from time to time. 

Brand recognition can be done in many ways, but work uniforms are the most apt method as it includes visible elements like color and logo. It also helps you stand out in the marketplace. 

Reason 2: Professionalism and Communication

Uniforms help employees take on a great sense of responsibility. Employees tend to behave more professionally because they know they represent the company’s ethics in the work uniform. 

Professionalism translates to better performance and productivity. It also gives a sense of positivity and power. 

What’s more? When customers see employees in uniform, their confidence in the company brand increases. They positively perceive your service and products, which is good for your brand. 

Reason 3: Workplace Hazards and Conditions 

Image: Company-Uniform-Creates-Safe-Environment.png

It’s revealed that the right employee uniform can protect your employees from extreme weather, the spread of germs, and emergencies. 

Protective Clothing:

In oil and gas, food, or healthcare industries, employee uniform plays a bigger role than just branding and promotion of your company. Employees of these industries generally wear high-visibility uniforms, so they remain visible all the time. 

Image: High-Visibility-Clothing.png

Certain uniforms are also flame resistant, so the employees stay safe in case of flash fire, combustible fire, or electric arc flash. In addition, the fabric of these clothes can self-extinguish in an emergency. 

Company Uniforms Contains Contaminants:

Clothes are the prime source of the spreading of germs and contaminants. But you can limit the spread of germs and prevent product cross-contamination with professionally laundered uniforms. 

Temperature Regulation:

You can keep your entire team ready for any weather with the right uniform. It also helps them to avoid issues like heat exhaustion. 

Reason 4: Camaraderie and Team Environment 

Team Spirit:

Did you know that wearing company-branded uniforms and dressing alike promote a sense of team and inclusion? Knowingly or unknowingly, we seek out community. Employees wearing the same uniforms fulfill their basic need for inclusion. 

Image: Company-Uniform-Team-Spirit.png

In simple terms, you can develop a sense of belongingness and team spirit in your company with a uniform. Moreover, it results in positive and productive work culture. 

Employee Benefit- Save Money and Time:

Creating a perfect work wardrobe can be hectic and expensive. But when your employees have a uniform, they will not waste time deciding what to wear. 

In addition, when uniforms are provided as part of a rental program, it eliminates employee laundering time and expense.

Studies have shown that a person’s confidence and how they act throughout the day change based on what they wear. So, when everyone dresses similarly in the workplace, employees feel on the same level and get equal respect. 

Reason 5: Security Reasons 

Image: Work-Uniform.png

Employee identification through work uniforms increases brand visibility and is vital to improving security. Uniforms give an immediate idea of who works in the company and doesn’t. 

If your company has high-risk or restricted areas, you must ask your employees to wear company-branded uniforms so anyone can easily identify them. 

Whether you want to increase team spirit among your employees, boost brand visibility, or improve safety, employee uniforms are important. Also, you won’t face many dress code violations with the uniforms.

How to Choose Wear Uniforms 

Multiple things need to be considered when choosing company uniforms. We have listed some important aspects you must remember to get the right work uniform for your team. 

#1 Comfort

Work uniforms must be comfortable because your employee will wear them throughout the day. In addition, you must consider each employee’s role in the company. 

For instance, if they have to interact with clients in customer service positions, wear uniforms should be made from soft fabric. But if their role requires them to work outside, the uniform fabric must wick away moisture. 

#2 Good Fit 

Along with comfortable fabric, the uniform should also have a good fit. When a uniform fits properly, it increases the staff’s confidence and creates an attractive business image. 

The best thing to do is ask your employees to share their specific size requirements. Also, the employee uniforms should be cut the right way so it compliments male and female bodies to create a professional appearance. 

#3 Uniforms Must Last Longer 

The material section is important because you might not want to get new work uniforms for your employees every few months. Make sure the material you choose can withstand regular wearing, activity, and washing. 

Plus, the material must suit the role that your employees play. The right kind of material can significantly increase the uniform’s life. 

#4 Stay Trendy 

You cannot create a professional business image with uniforms that look too old. The best thing to do is get contemporary protective clothing with a modern twist so it reflects your company in the right way. 

When your uniform looks contemporary yet trendy, your brand is aware and receptive to the change.  

#5 Keep your Brand Consistent 

You need to choose a uniform that consistently promotes your brand. You need to be specific with your brand’s logo and color. 

Like you can include your brand’s logo either on the back, chest pocket or around the shoulder area. Similarly, you can decide if you want to include the logo on all clothing items or just one item, like a jacket. 

As far as brand colors are concerned, you can pick bold or bright colors to get maximum attention. But it’s also important that the color matches your brand’s style. 

In case you already have a work uniform with a logo, try to maintain consistency across all channels. 

#5 Cost 

Cost is an important deciding factor when it comes to purchasing new clothing. You should set a limit and then look for clothes, so you don’t exceed your budget. 

You can compromise on the style if needed, but safety and functionality should always be your priority. After all, it makes sense to give employees a more functional and comfortable uniform than stylish. 

If you are replacing the older uniforms, the best way is to replace the uniforms in groups. For example, you can divide your staff members into different groups, so you don’t spend on a larger batch of work uniforms at once. 


Uniforms are important in almost all industries, whether it’s customer-facing or not. For example, a work uniform with a proper company logo and color can promote company pride, brand visibility, and customer awareness. 

It also promotes better team spirit and employee professionalism, eventually increasing productivity. Plus, you can prevent product cross-contamination with uniforms. 

While purchasing company uniforms, you must consider certain factors to get the right thing. Also, uniforms don’t have to enforce a strict dress code.


Can You Make Money From Selling T-shirts Online?

Selling t-shirts online is profitable as you earn a 40% to 50% margin per t-shirt. Therefore, you can quickly earn a good amount of money from selling t-shirts online in high volume.   

But you might not see much profit during the early stage because niche and marketing strategies can greatly influence your business’s growth. 

It is estimated that the t-shirt business will grow by 9.6% by 2025. So, making money through an online t-shirt business makes sense. Follow this step-by-step guide to start your online t-shirts selling a business successfully.  

Guide on How to Make Money Through Online T-shirts Business

#1 Find the Right Niche 

Image: Find-A-Niche.png

As an entrepreneur who wants to sell t-shirts online, finding a niche is important. Many online shoppers are driven by the process of exploration, while some are simply window shopping. 

So, there is a high chance that these shoppers might stumble upon your t-shirt company website. You can align with shoppers’ needs and attract more customers if you have a niche. 

You can either make fashion statements with your t-shirts, sell t-shirts related to music, or do something else. Here’s how you can find your niche and build a memorable brand identity. 

Identify Your Passion and Interest 

When you start a t-shirt business, focus on the theme idea you enjoy and are passionate about. 

Following your passion will also motivate you to write compelling stories, launch a blog, or maintain social media to make your own t-shirt business more successful. 

Do Your Research 

When finding a niche, it’s also important to conduct proper research, so you always have a clear idea of your customer’s needs. But, maintaining a fixed position in the online t-shirt-selling business is not easy. You will most certainly have to research and update the strategies regularly to keep up with the trends. 

Common tools to conduct research include surveys through social media hashtags, message boards, online communities, published consumer research, and more. In addition, you can check social media trends. 

Solving a Problem

Before you start a t-shirt business, you need to decide if you want to establish your brand as “just for fun” or if you want to solve a problem. 

If you want to simplify a pain point that shoppers might be navigating and offer a solution, you must have a clear purpose. 

For example, you can market your t-shirts for people dealing with hyperhidrosis (a condition where a person sweats a lot). Or you can make trendy t-shirts to make fashion statements. 

#2 Source Your T-shirts 

After you have found your niche and customers, the next step is finding suitable suppliers. Educate yourself about different suppliers before making a decision. 

Try investing in quality over quantity. After all, quality will greatly affect a buyer’s purchasing decision. Also, you can gain your customer’s trust by maintaining better quality. 

#3 Create Designs for Your T-shirt Business

Image: Create-Tshirt-Design.png

T-shirt design plays an important role when you launch a t-shirt website. With amazing t-shirt designs, you can attract more and more customers. As a result, fancy and trendy products will be easily accessible in the market. 

Here are two ways you can create your own t-shirt designs:

Do It Yourself (DIY)

If you want to try designing your t-shirts, take the help of designer websites. In addition, check Google trends for inspiration. Or you can use non-digital tools to create better t-shirt designs online. 

But if creativity is not your thing, you can 

Hire Freelance Designers or Illustrators 

With a team of skilled designers and illustrators, you can create fantastic t-shirt designs online that your customers will like. In addition, designers can help you execute your vision in a better and much clearer way. 

Experienced t-shirt designers can help you create the right product line for your company. Even if you have started with a DIY approach, work with designers later to skyrocket your online t-shirt business. 

You can find professional designers through social media websites or freelance hiring websites. Or approach local designers for the work. 

#4 Get Feedback on Your T-shirt Concepts

When you get feedback, you can only know how customers feel about your t-shirts. So create mockup t-shirt designs online to get the much-needed unbiased perspective. In addition, it will help you understand whether or not your products need any improvement. 

Getting feedback before investing in a product will help you save money and give you an idea of what the customer wants. 

Here’s how you can reach out to your potential customer base to get authentic feedback:

Work with Influencers

Image: Collaborate-With-Influencers.png

Working with influencers helps you get closer to the potential audiences who will eventually purchase your products. You can reach out to influencers on Twitter and Instagram. 

The best way to get feedback through influencers is to conduct surveys with them. Or host polls and collect comments. But, of course, contests and sweepstakes also make a great opportunity to garner customers. 

Tap Into Facebook Groups 

Another way to get feedback from potential buyers is through Facebook groups. You can join a group related to your area of interest. 

Many entrepreneurs use Facebook groups to know customers’ opinions about products. But before you join any group, check its policy, as some groups do not allow posting business content. 

Join Online Communities 

Besides mainstream social media platforms, you can also join online communities to get feedback on your product. It would be helpful if you joined communities relevant to your niche. 

Pre-sell Your T-shirt 

You can consider pre-selling your t-shirt if your brand has an established customer base and online marketing presence. 

The transparent way is to let your customers know you are testing new t-shirts. Also, tell them about your refund policy if you decide not to mail out t-shirts. 

Run Paid Ads 

You can even run paid ads on Instagram, Amazon, or Facebook if you have a good budget. Show your t-shirt design through paid ads and use performance metrics to see which of your t-shirt designs are getting more attention. 

#5 Print Your T-shirt

There are many ways you can print designs on your t-shirt. So, you must do detailed research to understand your options before making a choice. Common printing options are heat transfer, direct-to-garment, and screen printing. 

Heat transfer is popular because it uses high heat to melt the t-shirt design into clothing. In addition, it helps in producing better quality color images very easily and quickly. 

In contrast, direct-to-garment printing uses special water-based ink. It’s a cheap option, great for small printing orders. 

Lastly, screen printing offers a higher level of vibrancy, but it’s an expensive setup. So instead, the printer applies ink on t-shirts using screens or stencils. 

#6 Create an Online Presence 

Image: Create-Online-Presence.png

Once you are confident about your t-shirt designs, create an online presence to sell them. Start by setting up an online store and getting a domain name. 

Choose Ecommerce Platform

You must choose an ideal ecommerce platform so customers can easily find you online. But if you are still unsure about your customers, conduct research. This way, you can rest assured that you have selected the right platform. 

For instance, if your customers are active on Instagram, the chances of them looking for t-shirts through Google search are less. So, you must get their attention through influencer marketing. 

But if your targeted audience spends time doing Google searches, you can spend time and resources on search engine optimization. First, you need to find the right platform so your customers can find you without hassle. 

After mapping your customers and competitors, create an online presence that helps your online t-shirt business grow. 

Click clear pictures of your t-shirts under proper lighting if you use a print-on-demand service. Next, include a product description with details, like material and size. Lastly, set prices for your t-shirts. 

#7 Make Your First T-shirt Sales 

With your business model having an online presence, you can start selling t-shirts to generate revenue. Here’s how you can kickstart your customer acquisition engine:

Work with Social Media Influencers 

Collaborate with social media influencers to run successful campaigns. It’s better to work with relevant influencers in your niche so your online t-shirt business can get attention from the right people. This method allows you to create content instead of ads to market your t-shirts. 

Host Giveaways or Contests 

You can also host contests or giveaways through fun social media campaigns. It will increase your brand visibility and reach. 


Making money online by selling t-shirts is possible without hiring a team of experts. But remember that it’s a popular market. That means you would be competing against numerous brands. 

You can, however, stay on top of the game by putting in extra time and care. Try deciding on a niche, finding your targeted customers, creating t-shirt designs and online presence, and marketing yourself on the right platform. 


Best Platforms to Sell Custom T-shirts Online

Best Platforms to Sell Custom T-shirts Online 

Now is a good time to make your custom t-shirt business a reality. But where should you sell t-shirts online? Which is the most popular platform to get started?


We have reviewed and listed some of the best print-on-demand websites where you can publish your designs. When the buyer places an order, you can process the shipment and make money by staying in the comfort of your home. 

How Does a Print-on-Demand Site to Sell T-shirt Designs Work?

Print-on-demand websites have made it easier for sellers to customize products, t-shirts, mugs, and more as per their liking. 


As a user, you can upload your designs to your own store you have opened on a print-on-demand website. That’s how you can sell t-shirts online. Even if you don’t have design skills, POD websites let you use drag-and-drop elements for customization. 


When selling through POD websites, you don’t have to spend money building an inventory. That’s because the websites already have their inventory, like t-shirts. 


So, whenever you receive an order from a customer, you ask the POD website to print your design as per the customer’s requirement. 


Here’s how it works: when a customer places an order to purchase your t-shirts, the POD website gets the order. It notifies you, and on your approval, the site starts printing t-shirts. Also, the site packs and dispatches the order to customers on your behalf. 


Your basic job is to simply upload t-shirt designs. Print-on-demand sites will do the remaining work. 

Top Online Store to Sell T-shirts Online 

#1 Printshop by Designhill

Printshop is a trustworthy site where freelance t-shirt designers can upload their illustrations and regularly find customers. It is run by Designhill and is known for its unique custom t-shirts for men, women, and kids. 


Besides t-shirts, Printshop also lets you sell posters, accessories, and home design products. You will never be disappointed with this print-on-demand site because it takes the responsibility of printing high-quality designs for t-shirts. 


When your customer receives premium-quality printed t-shirts, their trust in your own online store increases. In addition, Printshop also delivers your order, so you don’t have to stress about shipment. 


In addition, Printshop is known for having smooth transactions so customers can quickly purchase your t-shirts. With this website offering ease of transaction, the long-term success of your t-shirt business is guaranteed. 


Overall, Printshop by Designhill is an amazing website for t-shirt designer to get money for their art. Also, your online website on Printshop brings you closer to the massive Designhill audiences. So, you can sell t-shirts online through this platform.

#2 Merch by Amazon

Another popular platform where you can sell custom t-shirts is Amazon. As it’s one of the biggest e-commerce stores, you can expect high traffic on your t-shirt website. 


More specifically, you can list your t-shirt designs on Merch by Amazon. With this platform, you can reach out to several customers interested in purchasing your work. 


Merch by Amazon has an invite-only registration system. That means not everyone can sign up and open their own merch store. You need to get approval on your creative illustration to be accepted by the team. 


This process allows Merch by Amazon to maintain artists’ quality on their website. Once your design gets approved, the platform helps you set prices for your t-shirts. Besides this, Amazon takes care of everything, from printing to delivering t-shirts. 


An important thing to remember is that initially, Merch by Amazon sets your limit up to 25 designs. But your capacity gets upgraded to 100 after you have sold 25 items. 


The process of selling custom t-shirts with Merch by Amazon might seem strenuous, but it helps you sell t-shirts online easier. In addition, you can use the Best Sellers Rank Feature to see which custom designs and t-shirt styles are doing great. 


This way, you can sell t-shirts online through Merch by Amazon to get the best response. 

#3 Teespring 


Teespring seems to be the right option for people with limited knowledge of Photoshop or Adobe. Basically, it’s a beginner-friendly platform where you can easily put together your designs. 


The base fare charged by Teespring for t-shirt design tools is very affordable. Once you have started your own online store, the platform lets you set prices and goals for your t-shirt business. 

If your t-shirt designs become popular and receive sufficient pre-orders through Teespring, the website will even print and ship your custom t-shirts. 


This platform has an attractive feature that lets the seller take all the profit on their t-shirt sales. You can collect the money that you have made by selling t-shirts online through a Paypal account. 


Furthermore, Teespring has another feature called Teespring Boosted Network. It allows you to increase your network to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. But the challenge is that you must sell your custom t-shirts within a set period. Otherwise, it will be taken down. Remember this thing when you sell shirts online through Teespring.

#4 Zazzle 


Zazzle is a well-known platform designed for sellers who are concerned about website traffic. This platform is trusted by brands with a huge following, like DC Comics and Disney. So, it’s obvious that Zazzle can handle huge traffic.  


When you set up your own online store at Zazzle, you get the advantage of using its T-shirt maker tools. In addition, it’s a user-friendly platform. It can quickly adapt to the format and size of your t-shirt design. 


Furthermore, Zazzle lets the customer play with colors, text, and graphics. This way, customers can mix and match design templates for any specific occasion. If you want flexibility in your online t-shirt store, you should sell t-shirts online through Zazzle. 

#5 Threadless 


Threadless is an impressive platform where you can create unique illustrations and sell t-shirts online. 


However, you have to take part in a contest and submit your designs. If you win, the platform will select your design, manufacture the custom t-shirts with the selected design, and sell them. 

Besides this, the winning t-shirt design creator also gets a cash prize and royalties from the sale. 


It’s true that you can only sell t-shirts online on Threadless when you get sufficient votes. But after that, setting up the store and selling custom t-shirts became easy. Also, you can read reviews about your designs. 

#6 RedBubble


RedBubble is one of the biggest platforms where you can sell your custom t-shirts without hassle. It has a diverse community of talented artists selling their wares. 

This platform allows you to upload your t-shirt illustrations and sell t-shirts. Also, you have complete control over your designs when you sell t-shirts online.

#7 Spreadshirt


Spreadshirt is a renowned platform that lets you set up your online store without hassle. Once you have your store, you can start selling custom t-shirts through this platform without cost. 

Spreadshirt lets you make your own online store a bit more attractive with its impressive customization options. But one disadvantage of using this platform is that it offers limited color options. This thing can restrict your creativity and designs. 

#8 Society6


Society6 is an exceptional platform designed for artists outside the US. Through this platform, you can easily sell t-shirts online throughout the world.


By setting up a store at Society6, you can focus on your main job, i.e., creating custom t-shirts. That’s because the platform handles all the remaining work, from t-shirt printing and shipping to marketing. 


Your t-shirt designs will also be frequently viewed by art lovers as they regularly visit Society6. So, you can trust this platform to sell shirts online.

#9 Textual Tees


Textual Tees is an ideal platform for t-shirt designer who like to take inspiration from pop culture. On this site, you can find categories like geek nerd, science, sci-fi sports, TV/film, zombies, and more. 


The return and replacement policy of Textual Tees makes it one of the best options among t-shirt sellers. But this platform does offer impressive offers and promo codes. Also, they do not offer free shipping or accept payment through Paypal. 

#10 Design By Humans 


Design By Humans is another popular platform where you can sell t-shirts online. Basically, this platform is a community for fashion gurus, artists, and creative people. 


You can create an account with Design By Humans for free and upload your designs. After this, the website takes care of the other things, like printing and selling so you can focus on creating custom t-shirts.


Selling custom t-shirts online is lucrative, but finding the right platform can be overwhelming. You can, however, simplify the process by going through our recommendations to find the best platform for your online t-shirt business. For suppliers, you can consider Imprint Singapore, the best T-Shirt supplier in Singapore.


Best Tools to Create T-shirt Designs

Designing your own t-shirt is challenging, but you can simplify the process with the right tools. You can choose from plenty of paid and free t-shirt design software to start designing immediately. 

You can either upload your images or choose from thousands of templates available on the design tools. Interestingly, the tools let you change the color scheme and add text to make your t-shirts look outstanding. 

Image: Tools-To-Create-Tshirt-Design.png

We have recommended some t-shirt design tools in this post. Some are easier to work with, while others are more advanced. 

Scroll down to check your options. 

Paid T-shirt Design Software

#1 Adobe Illustrator 

Image: Adobe-Illustrator-Design-Software.png

Adobe Illustrator is the first big gun from Adobe. It’s an industry-standard vector graphics software for high-end commercial products, branded logos, and infographics. 

Professional designers use this full image editing software because it stands out in many ways. For example, it helps create better patterns, manipulate complex shapes, measure fine details, and finalize high-resolution images. 

What’s more? Well, this vector graphics software lets you shape, size, and manipulate your designs without ruining the quality. In addition, Adobe Illustrator lets you export your designs in an image file, so that you can use it for any printing method. 

As Adobe Illustrator is a professional t-shirt design software, you might find it challenging to learn how it works. But there are many resources and tutorials to learn how to create vectors for designing cool t-shirts. 

Image: Tools-To-Create-Tshirt-Design.png

If you are willing to pay for a versatile Adobe editing tool that can be used in different projects, Adobe Photoshop should be your pick. But if you want to become a professional, Adobe Illustrator is the better option. 


  • It’s an extraordinary vector editing t-shirt design software with useful features and tools.

  • It helps create designs, shapes, and patterns with high print detail.

  • Tutorials available from minor issues fixes to full-scale decreation.


  • Learning how to use Adobe Illustrator can take time. 

  • It has a high subscription cost. 

  • No previously available t-shirt designs, images, or assets. 

  • You need a capable hardware setup to use the tool without any hassle.

#2 Adobe Photoshop

Image: Adobe-Photoshop-Design-Software.png

Another widely used professional t-shirt design software from the house of Adobe is Photoshop. Before you use it, remember that this tool comes with a steep learning curve. Plus, it’s an expensive tool. 

Adobe Photoshop offers a toolkit for customization, including brush art, blending, layering, and creating image effects. 

You need to practice a lot to make the best use of Adobe Photoshop. For this, you can apply to paid courses focusing on in-depth techniques. 

Image: Tools-To-Create-Tshirt-Design.png

Compared to other Adobe software, Photoshop offers better design versatility. But it does not seem to work with vector graphics, which causes limitations in printing. 

While you can create DTG printing (direct-to-garment), you cannot do screen printing and embroidery. If you purchase Adobe Creative Cloud Service, you can get a discount on Adobe’s full package, including Lightroom and Illustrator. 


  • It offers useful plugins and toolkits for large brush art, image editing, and layering. 

  • It’s a trusted t-shirt design software with several high-quality tutorials.

  • It lets you create any pixel artwork. 


  • You need more time to master this t-shirt design software. 

  • It has a high recurring subscription cost.

  • No previously available t-shirt designs, images, or assets. 

  • It does not work on vector graphics and has limited printing options. 

#3 CoreIDRAW

Image: CoreIDRAWDesign-Software.png

CoreIDRAW is a professional t-shirt design software offering a great mix of variety. It works well as a vector graphics design tool. Also, it has flexibility for other format types. 

Compared to other tools, it is more beginner-friendly and prioritizes an easy-to-learn environment. But you will have to pay a high amount to access these benefits. 

Depending on the extent of your use, you can choose from the CoreIDRAW Essentials to the full CoreIDRAW Graphics Suite package for yourself. CoreIDRAW is an amazing visual marketing software offering images, unique art assets, and typefaces. 


  • This t-shirt design software is great for creating detailed mockups. 

  • You can easily learn how to use the tool through tutorials and tips. 

  • You get a library of premium design assets and images. 

  • You get several editing tools for any product type. 


  • The software has a high purchase and subscription cost. 

  • File export and import quality are not the best. 

#4 GraffixPro Studio

Image: GraffixPro-StudioDesign-Software.png

GraffixPro Studio is a paid t-shirt design software offering key features to create personalized t-shirts for online retail. It has a library of unique fonts, images, and t-shirt design templates. 

This software is built to streamline creating personalized t-shirts. You can use its additional features like a quote generator, barcoding, and inventory management to maximize your profits. 

Get your hands on GraffixPro to manage t-shirt design without any hassle. The software lets you manipulate details and edit your art so you can sell t-shirts without much effort. 


  • You can use this tool to create personalized designs on a business level. 

  • It helps you quickly create t-shirt designs. 

  • It has a simple-to-use interface. 


  • It has a high purchase cost. 

  • It offers limited design assets and less design control compared to other software. 

#5 PlaceIt

Image: PlaceItDesign-Software.png

If you want an in-browser t-shirt design tool, PlaceIt should be your choice. This software has a large stock of t-shirt designs and a vast library of quality vector art clips. It also has an easy-to-use interface and quick setup. 

So, if you have an impressive t-shirt design and an awesome t-shirt idea, use PlaceIt to create mockups without managing every pixel. All you need to do is mix around the given assets till you get a unique and workable design. 

Although the premium version of PlaceIt comes at a cost, it is very affordable. 


  • It’s an in-browser design tool. 

  • It has a comprehensive interface. 

  • It offers a vast library of premium design clip art. 

  • You can freely export designs anywhere. 


  • Some features are available only after paying the subscription fees. 

  • No mockup t-shirts are available to measure your design. 

  • It does not offer tools for design and image manipulation. 

Free T-shirt Design Software 


Image: GIMPDesign-Software.png

An affordable alternative to Photoshop is GIMP. It’s a tech-savvy tool for a free t-shirt design that’s open source. This tool offers better quality services similar to Adobe services with tutorials, add-on features, and community support. 

With GIMP software, you can freely use third-party plugins. Also, most add-ons are free, but you might have to apply healthy scrutiny to find the best and most useful ones. 

Image: Tools-To-Create-Tshirt-Design.png

GIMP is not exactly built for t-shirt design, but it offers the best t-shirt design templates you can layer under your graphic. Overall, it’s a respectable tool, offering different features to change colors, draw designs, add text, and more. 


  • It’s free t-shirt design software with high-quality features. 

  • It is available on all OS devices, like Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

  • It offers open-source features. 


  • Initial learning of how to use GIMP can be a bit difficult. 

  • The third-party plugins that it supports are not as reliable as paid software. 

  • Working with large-scale images and layers can be difficult. 

  • It does not support vector graphics. 

#2 InkSpace

Image: InkspaceDesign-Software.png

Many professional designers use InkScape, a flexible general graphic design software. It is also a free high-end t-shirt design software alternative that you can use to create better designs. 

Unlike other free t-shirt design software, InkSpace is specially built for vector editing. This tool lets you export high-quality designs in multiple sizes. 

In addition, it offers stylized effects, measuring tools, and a huge range of dynamic font options. With InkSpace, you can export screen-printing-compatible format vector images. 


  • This t-shirt design software is suitable for different fabric printing methods. 

  • It offers comprehensive design tools. 

  • It can easily convert pixel bitmaps to vector images. 

  • It can be used with all major OS systems. 


  • It does not offer t-shirt templates and previews. 

#3 Krita 

Image: KritaDesign-Software.png

It’s a free, open-source platform that lets you place images and edit t-shirt designs. It’s a powerful digital painting-focused software that lets you apply your creative skills using customizable tools. 

The tools include effects controls, blending models, opacity, and brush control. You also get easy beginner tutorials with an interface for free and creative photo editing. In addition, this t-shirt design software lets you seamlessly create patterns with a wrap-around design. 


  • It’s a customizable creative design tool. 

  • It’s open-source and free software. 

  • It lets you tweak ready-made photos. 


  • It does not support large projects. 

  • It does not offer t-shirt templates and comprehensive typography tools.


Choosing the best t-shirt design tool is challenging because there are a plethora of tools that can do surprisingly well. But we have given a detailed list from which you can choose the best t-shirt design software. 

You can go through each design tool’s pros and cons to have a realistic approach when using it. 

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