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Best Platforms to Sell Custom T-shirts Online

Best Platforms to Sell Custom T-shirts Online 

Now is a good time to make your custom t-shirt business a reality. But where should you sell t-shirts online? Which is the most popular platform to get started?


We have reviewed and listed some of the best print-on-demand websites where you can publish your designs. When the buyer places an order, you can process the shipment and make money by staying in the comfort of your home. 

How Does a Print-on-Demand Site to Sell T-shirt Designs Work?

Print-on-demand websites have made it easier for sellers to customize products, t-shirts, mugs, and more as per their liking. 


As a user, you can upload your designs to your own store you have opened on a print-on-demand website. That’s how you can sell t-shirts online. Even if you don’t have design skills, POD websites let you use drag-and-drop elements for customization. 


When selling through POD websites, you don’t have to spend money building an inventory. That’s because the websites already have their inventory, like t-shirts. 


So, whenever you receive an order from a customer, you ask the POD website to print your design as per the customer’s requirement. 


Here’s how it works: when a customer places an order to purchase your t-shirts, the POD website gets the order. It notifies you, and on your approval, the site starts printing t-shirts. Also, the site packs and dispatches the order to customers on your behalf. 


Your basic job is to simply upload t-shirt designs. Print-on-demand sites will do the remaining work. 

Top Online Store to Sell T-shirts Online 

#1 Printshop by Designhill

Printshop is a trustworthy site where freelance t-shirt designers can upload their illustrations and regularly find customers. It is run by Designhill and is known for its unique custom t-shirts for men, women, and kids. 


Besides t-shirts, Printshop also lets you sell posters, accessories, and home design products. You will never be disappointed with this print-on-demand site because it takes the responsibility of printing high-quality designs for t-shirts. 


When your customer receives premium-quality printed t-shirts, their trust in your own online store increases. In addition, Printshop also delivers your order, so you don’t have to stress about shipment. 


In addition, Printshop is known for having smooth transactions so customers can quickly purchase your t-shirts. With this website offering ease of transaction, the long-term success of your t-shirt business is guaranteed. 


Overall, Printshop by Designhill is an amazing website for t-shirt designer to get money for their art. Also, your online website on Printshop brings you closer to the massive Designhill audiences. So, you can sell t-shirts online through this platform.

#2 Merch by Amazon

Another popular platform where you can sell custom t-shirts is Amazon. As it’s one of the biggest e-commerce stores, you can expect high traffic on your t-shirt website. 


More specifically, you can list your t-shirt designs on Merch by Amazon. With this platform, you can reach out to several customers interested in purchasing your work. 


Merch by Amazon has an invite-only registration system. That means not everyone can sign up and open their own merch store. You need to get approval on your creative illustration to be accepted by the team. 


This process allows Merch by Amazon to maintain artists’ quality on their website. Once your design gets approved, the platform helps you set prices for your t-shirts. Besides this, Amazon takes care of everything, from printing to delivering t-shirts. 


An important thing to remember is that initially, Merch by Amazon sets your limit up to 25 designs. But your capacity gets upgraded to 100 after you have sold 25 items. 


The process of selling custom t-shirts with Merch by Amazon might seem strenuous, but it helps you sell t-shirts online easier. In addition, you can use the Best Sellers Rank Feature to see which custom designs and t-shirt styles are doing great. 


This way, you can sell t-shirts online through Merch by Amazon to get the best response. 

#3 Teespring 


Teespring seems to be the right option for people with limited knowledge of Photoshop or Adobe. Basically, it’s a beginner-friendly platform where you can easily put together your designs. 


The base fare charged by Teespring for t-shirt design tools is very affordable. Once you have started your own online store, the platform lets you set prices and goals for your t-shirt business. 

If your t-shirt designs become popular and receive sufficient pre-orders through Teespring, the website will even print and ship your custom t-shirts. 


This platform has an attractive feature that lets the seller take all the profit on their t-shirt sales. You can collect the money that you have made by selling t-shirts online through a Paypal account. 


Furthermore, Teespring has another feature called Teespring Boosted Network. It allows you to increase your network to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. But the challenge is that you must sell your custom t-shirts within a set period. Otherwise, it will be taken down. Remember this thing when you sell shirts online through Teespring.

#4 Zazzle 


Zazzle is a well-known platform designed for sellers who are concerned about website traffic. This platform is trusted by brands with a huge following, like DC Comics and Disney. So, it’s obvious that Zazzle can handle huge traffic.  


When you set up your own online store at Zazzle, you get the advantage of using its T-shirt maker tools. In addition, it’s a user-friendly platform. It can quickly adapt to the format and size of your t-shirt design. 


Furthermore, Zazzle lets the customer play with colors, text, and graphics. This way, customers can mix and match design templates for any specific occasion. If you want flexibility in your online t-shirt store, you should sell t-shirts online through Zazzle. 

#5 Threadless 


Threadless is an impressive platform where you can create unique illustrations and sell t-shirts online. 


However, you have to take part in a contest and submit your designs. If you win, the platform will select your design, manufacture the custom t-shirts with the selected design, and sell them. 

Besides this, the winning t-shirt design creator also gets a cash prize and royalties from the sale. 


It’s true that you can only sell t-shirts online on Threadless when you get sufficient votes. But after that, setting up the store and selling custom t-shirts became easy. Also, you can read reviews about your designs. 

#6 RedBubble


RedBubble is one of the biggest platforms where you can sell your custom t-shirts without hassle. It has a diverse community of talented artists selling their wares. 

This platform allows you to upload your t-shirt illustrations and sell t-shirts. Also, you have complete control over your designs when you sell t-shirts online.

#7 Spreadshirt


Spreadshirt is a renowned platform that lets you set up your online store without hassle. Once you have your store, you can start selling custom t-shirts through this platform without cost. 

Spreadshirt lets you make your own online store a bit more attractive with its impressive customization options. But one disadvantage of using this platform is that it offers limited color options. This thing can restrict your creativity and designs. 

#8 Society6


Society6 is an exceptional platform designed for artists outside the US. Through this platform, you can easily sell t-shirts online throughout the world.


By setting up a store at Society6, you can focus on your main job, i.e., creating custom t-shirts. That’s because the platform handles all the remaining work, from t-shirt printing and shipping to marketing. 


Your t-shirt designs will also be frequently viewed by art lovers as they regularly visit Society6. So, you can trust this platform to sell shirts online.

#9 Textual Tees


Textual Tees is an ideal platform for t-shirt designer who like to take inspiration from pop culture. On this site, you can find categories like geek nerd, science, sci-fi sports, TV/film, zombies, and more. 


The return and replacement policy of Textual Tees makes it one of the best options among t-shirt sellers. But this platform does offer impressive offers and promo codes. Also, they do not offer free shipping or accept payment through Paypal. 

#10 Design By Humans 


Design By Humans is another popular platform where you can sell t-shirts online. Basically, this platform is a community for fashion gurus, artists, and creative people. 


You can create an account with Design By Humans for free and upload your designs. After this, the website takes care of the other things, like printing and selling so you can focus on creating custom t-shirts.


Selling custom t-shirts online is lucrative, but finding the right platform can be overwhelming. You can, however, simplify the process by going through our recommendations to find the best platform for your online t-shirt business. For suppliers, you can consider Imprint Singapore, the best T-Shirt supplier in Singapore.