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Embroidery is one of the most popular customisation methods among our clients due to the sleek and professional look of the completed logo.

With the capabilities of our Tajima industrial embroidery machines, rest assured that the sitch work will be up to your expectations!

In order to help you better make your decisions, our team at Imprint Singapore has summarised the advantages and disadvantages of the embroidery method.

Advantages of Embroidery

  • Classy and professional stitch work
  • 3D feels to the logo
  • Backing(a thick material) added underneath the product to hold the embroidery together for literally forever

Disadvantages of Embroidery 

  • Embroidery will not be suitable for products where there are factors obstructing our ability to embroid on a product, such as a double layered product where we will not be able to segregate them
  • Intially the backing added will feel prickly, but as the product is seasoned or washed several times, the backing with soften to be very delicate and smooth on the skin.

Suitable Products 

  1. All types of apparels
  2. Towels
  3. Caps
  4. Bags

We hope you will be able to make your decisions better after our summary of the embroidery method.

Do send in a Whatsapp/Website enquiry to our sales executive for a quick quotation and we guarantee a fuss free t-shirt printing experience!