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Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing is the recommended type of printing for the customization of individual names and numbers on objects.

Apart from individual names and numbers, you can also choose to print full-coloured images using the thermal transfer printing method. We can also print reflective prints using heat-pressed printing.

Our methodology involves using our heat press machine, along with a heat transfer vinyl (transfer medium) to imprint sharp designs onto fabrics. Aside from the traditional vinyl heat transfer printing, we can perform alternative digital heat transfer printing methods at your discretion. This usually involves the use of an inkjet printer as well as a different type of heat transfer paper — which is a different heat transfer method in and upon itself.

In order to help you better make your decisions, our team at Imprint Singapore has summarised the advantages and disadvantages of our main heat transfer printing method.

Printing methods pros and cons

Advantages of Heat Transfer Printing 

  • Able to print exactly like the artwork provided 

  • Low cost for small quantity orders as compared to silk screen printing 

  • Cost-efficient for customizing personal names and numbers

  • Vibrant colours 

Disadvantages of Heat Transfer Printing 

  • Patchy/stuffy feeling due to the vinyl transfer paper used 

  • Prints last around 70-80 washes

  • Unable to print artworks with very fine details 

Suitable Products 

  1. All types of apparel (t shirts, polo tees, etc.)

  2. Towels 

  3. Caps

  4. Bags 

  5. Drinkware 

Why you should choose heat transfer printing?

There are many reasons why heat transfer printing is the best choice for your printing needs. Here are just a few:

1. Heat transfer printing is more durable than other printing methods.

2. Heat transfer printing produces sharper and more vibrant colours.

3. Heat transfer printing is more cost-effective than other printing methods.

4. Heat transfer printing is faster and easier to use than other printing methods.

5. Heat transfer printed images will not fade over time.

Need a hand?

We hope you will be able to make your decisions better after our summary of the heat transfer printing method. 

Do send in a Whatsapp/Website inquiry to our sales executive for a quick quotation and we guarantee a fuss-free t-shirt printing experience!